Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Make Christmas Special using Metallic FX Day 2

Here's my creation for this week:

This is what you will need:-
Dreamweaver Stencil LL3046 Tall poinsettia
Silver Embossing Paste
White card
Burgundy card
Patterned paper
Dreamweaver Metallic FX powders :- Forestry, Rose Berry, Plum Royale, Amber Gold, Kiwi.
Stencil brush
Palette knife
Low Tack Tape
Silver Mirri board
Heat Gun
Cleaning products for stencil

And this is how I created the card:

1 Take the Stencil and attached to a piece of white card on all 4 sides apply the silver paste, and remove stencil place in water for cleaning.  Take the Dreamweaver Metallic FX powders and using a stencil brush tap the powders over the paste design in the areas you want coloured.

2 Using a heat gun start to heat the design. I always give a quick blast of heat to the back of the card before concentrating on the front.  As the paste is heated it starts to blister and bubble.  If large bubble appear I tend to burst them so the there is no danger of them cracking and flaking off when the design is finished.

3 Cut all the matts and layers and with the layer of patterned paper cut around the design so that the stencilled design will tuck in. Put your card together.

4 You can add to the card by using ribbon around the spine.  I decided that I wanted mine to be clean and simple.

For more inspiration and ideas check out the Woodware blog

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pop of Colour Day 3

I think we have all seen cards that are quite bland and then they have a small area of colour.  I hope my card this week fills the theme.  As usual the card didn't take over long to make.

So here is my card:

What was used:

Black base card A5 size
Silver mirri card
Black card
Versamark ink pad
Clear  Embossing powder
Jane Gills Indian summer stamp
Colouring medium of you choice
Gold gilding wax
3D foam
Dark green  organza ribbon
Grey Momento ink pad


1  Fold black base card, cut silver mirri matt for the base layer of the matts, cut a black matt that is 1/4'' smaller on all 4 sides.

2  Use the Versamark ink pad and  stamp the full image on to the centre of the black matt, cover the stamped image remove the excess and heat the card and embossing powder.  Once the  embossing is done put this piece to one side.

3 Take the stamp make sure it is clean and use the grey Momento and stamp the part of the image you want to pop.  Make sure the surrounding image is also stamps, this will make sure the image will continue out from the circle

4  Colour your image and a little further out.

5 Use either circle punches or compass cutter and cut a circle around the 'pop of colour' flower and also cut another circle that is 1/4'' larger out of the silver mirri card.

6  Take the gold gilding wax  and very gently go over the stamped and embossed image so that there is just a hint of the gold wax.

7  Attach the base layer to the stamped layer and then take the dark green organza ribbon and tie around these 2 matts and tie a bow. These layers can then be attached to the base card.

8  Next the 2 circles are attached together and then matched to the design on the main card and attached to the card.

There you have it my pop of colour card, hope you like it.  For more inspiration and ideas check out the Woodware blog.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Time of Mellow Friutfulness Day 4

Well the seasons come and seasons go and with Autumn fast approaching, the colours seem to be leading to the greens, reds, golds, and oranges and all colours in between.  People are staring to think of Harvest festivals and thing like that.  So hopefully my card reflects some of this.

So here is this weeks card:-

What was used :-
Piece of Kraft card (2 pieces)
5'' x 7'' Cream base card
Scrap of cream card
Jane Gill's Leaf Quilt Patch Work of Leaves
Stazon Black ink pad
Black Pigma Micron pen 0.3
Coloured Pencils
Stickles glitter glue pale gold
Liquid pearls red


1  Take the scrap of cream card and use the Black Stazon ink pad to stamp the Leaf Quilt.

2 Take the scrap of Kraft card and repeat step 1.  Once stamped I decided which of the small block on the design I was going to cut out and 3D.  This avoids colouring areas that don't need to be coloured.

3  Use the coloured pencils and colour in the designs required on both the cream and Kraft card.  I used orange, brown, yellow, red and 2 different greens.  I coloured the green areas first and then blended the other colours.  Some areas in the outer border were solid coloured. On the cream card don't colour the panels that will have the Kraft card images and on the Kraft card only colour the pieces that will be 3D on to the main panel

4  Cut out the entire cream based image on the edge of the outer stamped line.

5  Cut out the 3D pieces from the Kraft card cut on the outer lines of these panels.

6  Cut a matt of Kraft card that is 1/4'' larger on all 4 sides than the stamped panel.

7  Layer the base card, Kraft card and stamped panel together with double sided adhesive.

8  Use the black micron pen and faux stitch round the Kraft layer with dashes and around the base card  with dashes and crosses.

9  Take the pieces of stamped Kraft and apply them to the card use 3D foam to attach the pieces, this will given some depth and dimension to the finished card.

10  The final steps are to apply the liquid pearls to the spray panel on the stamped image (see picture above).  The stickles was added to all the dots and circles in the outer border.

There you have this weeks card, hope you like it.  For more inspiration and ideas check out the Woodware blog

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Sketch 54 ...........Day 5

Everyone struggles from time to time from mental blocks--------What should I do, How can I achieve this, What  do I want for my card, What is the theme.  These days numerous magazines include sketches to get you the design idea and an idea of what the design looks like.  As well as the magazine sketches there are websites and books that deal totally with sketches.  This week we have a sketch to follow, the sketch is only an idea and doesn't have to be exactly the same when you complete it.

The card I have done this week is really quick and could be done as a batch card.

So here is this weeks card

This is what I used

7'' x 7'' cream card blank
A4 Sheet of Gold Mirri
6'' x 12'' piece of very pale patterned paper
Stickles glitter glue Red
Distress ink pad mid green
15mm Red organza ribbon
Merry Christmas, Christmas topper
Blending tool

This is the process I used:-

1  Cut 4 pieces of the gold mirri.  The sizes are 6 1/2'' x 6 1/2'', 3 1/4'' x 5 1/2'', 3/4'' x 5 3/4, and 2'' x 4''.

2 Cut from the patterned paper 4 pieces, These pieces are all cut so that there will be a 1/4'' border around them of gold mirri.  The sizes are 6 1/4'' x 6 1/4'', 3'' x 5 1/4'', 1/2'' x 5 1/2'' , and 1 3/4'' x 3 3/4''.

3  Use the bending tool and ink pad and blend around the edge of the front of the card base, and also around all the patterned paper. This will give a distressed edge and definition between layers.

4  Layer up all the pieces in pairs.

5  Select the largest pair of square pieces (They are already stuck together) and stick to the base card.


6  Complete sticking the pieces of the design on to your card following the sketch.  I used double sided tape.

7  Once all the pieces are attached in place take the Santa embellishments and place on to the card.

8  Use the red stickles glitter glue and put a dot in each corner of the patterned paper and also in the top left and bottom right I put 5 dots of the glitter glue.

9  Finally  you guessed it I tied a bow and stuck this to the horizontal bar below Santa.

There is my card, I hope you like it.  For more ideas and inspiration check out the Woodware blog.

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Traditional Christmas Day 6

I think that we have now reached the time of year again where all card maker's are starting to get their heads round the fact that Christmas isn't too far away and cards need to be made.  What style will they opt for Traditional or the more contemporary style.  Hopefully this week I have covered the theme of Traditional.

The stamp I have used is one of Jane Gills 2016 collection.  The card has also used the distress inks and water brush.  Also its fairly quick to complete.

So here is this week card

What I used
Christmas Horn Stamp JGS467
Distress ink pads
Stickles red glitter glue
Red organza red ribbon
Cream card blank 7'' x 7''
Gold mirri card
Patterned Paper
Small piece of cream card

This is the process for completing the card

1  Take the 7'' x 7'' base card and fold in half.

2  Cut a piece of the patterned paper so that you have a 1/4'' border all the way round.

3  Cut a piece of gold mirri card smaller leaving a 1/2'' border.

4  Cut a smaller piece of patterned paper leaving 1/4'' border all round.

5  Cut a piece of gold mirri  card that leaves 1/8'' border 

6  Cut a piece of cream card that leaves a border of 1/8'' all round.

7  On to this last piece of cream card cut, stamp the image of the Christmas horn, and using the distress inks paint /watercolour the piece in.

8  Its time to edge and get the layers together.  Take the brown distress ink pad and run this down the all the sides of the patterned pieces and the stamped piece.

9  For edging the gold mirri card I used a brown alcohol marker and ran this down all the edges.

10 Go back to the base card and using a blending tool distress the edges that will show when the matts are applied.

11 Start to layer up the matts, until the stamped piece and with this one use the blending tool and apply the brown ink blending so that h edge is darker than the internal section.  Once done apply this to the card

12 The final steps are to make a multi looped bow and stick this to the card and lastly use the stickles glitter glue to add decoration to the corners of the card

There you have this weeks card, a quick and simple card with a vintage, traditional flavour.  I hope you like it and for more inspiration and ideas go to the Woodware blog.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Woodware and Crafty Cardmakers - By The Sea

What a mixed summer.... sunshine, windy, rainy - its all happened. I just imagine a sunny warm day, sitting under an umbrella near the beach and ocean.  I hope that my card reflects my dream...
Woodware are again sponsoring Crafty Cardmakers this week the theme is 
                                     By or Under the Sea the theme runs for two weeks.
Don't forget to check out the Crafty Cardmakers blog and play along with us all, we have a prize!

So here is this weeks card:-

This are the products I used:-

8 x 8 white card base
Sheet of white card
1 sheet of 12 x 12 patterned paper
7 x 7 piece of white pearl paper
6 x 6 piece of patterned paper
Small scrap of sand patterned paper
Black micron pen
Dreamweaver stencil LL329
Stickles crystal glitter glue
Stampendous Sailboat Jumbo Cling Rubber stamp CRS5089
Selection of Sakura Gelly Roll pens - metallic and glaze
Mark Richards pearl white clusters
Mark Richards 5mm Mint gems
Circle die or compass cutter.

This is how the card was made:-

1  Take the card base and fold in half to give the 8 x 8 card blank

2  The 12 x 12 sheet is cut into 2 pieces of the right size.  1 piece is 7.5'' x 7.5''  and the other is 5 1/8'' x 5 1/8''.  Put the smaller piece of paper to the side for later.  Stick the larger piece of paper centrally to the front of the base card.

3  The pearl paper is cut to 7 x 7  and this piece can then be attached centrally to the base card.

4  The 6 x 6 patterned paper is also attached to the base card.

5  Cut a piece of white card 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 and attach centrally to the base card.

6  The next step is the slightly tricky one use one of the left over pieces of the 12 x 12 patterned paper and cut a piece of this 5 1/4'' x 2 5/8''

7  Cut a piece exactly the same size from the sand patterned.

8  The blue patterned paper is the stamped with the wave stamp and a blue ink pad.  It doesn't matter if some of the images overlap - after all they are waves.

9  Once step 8 is completely dry match the sand and the wave pieces together and use low tack tape to join them together.  This is only needed until the aperture is cut.

10  Once the pieces are matched cut a 3 1/4 circle from the centre of the piece.  Put this piece to one side  for later.

11  The next step is to cut a piece of white card  and using low tack tape and the stencil attach to the white card,  this is done only until the design has been drawn on the card with the micron pen.

12  Remove the stencil once drawn and colour in the design with the  Gelly roll pens.  The colouring medium can be your own choice of course.

13  Use 2 ink pads on the background to blend the design in to the image panel.   The lower portion was done in a light/medium colour and the top portion was done in a blue colour

14 The stamped panel is then attached to the base card BUT before it is permanently attached check its position as the aperture. and when all are the right place attach them to the base card.

15  The next step is to faux stitch around the white pearl edge, the white card, and round the circle.

16  With the self adhesive pearls they are attached to the white pearl  layer and are placed 3 along and done on each corner.  The next ones are placed on the corners of the 6 x 6 layer and are placed 2 along and down and the next ones are place in the corners of the apertures.   Also a strip  of the gems is placed on the joins of the aperture panel.

17  Next to give a little sparkle and texture to the front of the card I used the crystal stickles glitter glue randomly on the stamped waves.  I added the white pearl clusters to the top, bottom and side as I thought of the sea foam reaching the shore.

18 Finally I added a bow to the spine side of the card.

So there is this weeks card, I hope you like it.  For inspiration  and to get more ideas and inspiration go to the Woodware blog.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

You can never get enough gems Day 2

Hello - lots of bling this week - bling, bling, bling all the way.  When I'm making cards they usually has some element of bling on them. That glint of sparkle turns plain into something a little more striking.

So this week I thought what could I used to give the required effect of lots of bling and 'many gems'.  First of all I thought of the Dutch Doobadoo stencil - wavy strips.  This would be ideal.  Next it was a trip to my craft room and looking for crystal gems.  As the design has different sized circles, different sized gems.  The perfect gems would be  the Mark Richards Crystal Sticker clusters.  Once these were found all that was required was the card.

So here is my card

This is what I used
Different Mark Richards crystal sticker clusters
5mm gold nail heads
Dutch doobadoo wavy stripes stencils
0.1 Black Pigma Micron  pen
Grey texture card
A4 sheet patterned card Base Card
Silver mirri card
Stampendous frame dies
Numbers or sentiment stamp
Black Stickles Glitter glue

This is the method for the card:-

1 Cut a panel of the grey texture card 2.5 inches by 8 inches.

2  Attach the stencil to the grey textured card using stencil tape or low tack tape.  Still tap this tape on to some fabric to lift some of the sticky from the tape.

3  Use the black pen and drawn round all the designs.  At this point you can decide of the size of the design.  I used 3 of the stripes but you can decide on the depth and length at this point.  Ensure that when drawing round the circles you hold the pen upright, this will avoid damaging the pen point.

4  Now the fun starts adding all the gems and nail heads.  The crystal clusters are ideal for this card as there are varying sizes of the gems and these are needed for this design.  I found the easiest way to use these was to cut small pieces of the clusters and then to cut out the largest gems and leave the largest stone on the backing acetate. Peel the clusters off the backing and snip the gems apart single and apply the gems in a very random order, the larger drawn circles on the panel.  The really tiny circles were coloured in with the black pen.

5  Matt this panel on to the matt of black card, leaving a border top and bottom of about 1/4 inch.

6 At this stage again I had a choice either to put a sentiment on the card or to put numbers- this would be ideal for those special birthdays  If stamping a sentiment then I would stamp in Black on to white and then cut one of the Stampendous frame dies and a matt of black.  Whilst with the numbers I cut the numbers in black, a matt in silver for the numbers to go on and then a larger matt in black.

7 The end of the construction is almost here and we now need to put all the matts and layers together, add a few dots of black stickles glitter glue.

8 The final step is tie a ribbon round the folded edge of the card.

There you have the card, it is a little more time consuming  but well worth the effort.  I hope you enjoy the card and to get more ideas and inspiration go to the Woodware blog.

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#4  The fun starts now, using whatever gems you have and nail heads start to attach them to the design.  I found the cluster crystals very useful as there are different .